Our Streams Sustainability

The world has reached a tipping point. It has reached its planetary limits with human impacts in the Anthropocene era and climate crisis. This puts into question the resilience of our current society and economic model.

Stakeholders expect environmental, social and governance (ESG) improvements: investors look to sustain and reduce future risks in their portfolios, policymakers to toughen their commitments, consumers expect brands to act, and employees (or employees-to-be) watch for ethical practices and sustainable contributions of their company.

Organizations from all industry sectors must embrace the transition to be at the cutting-edge of innovation, turn sustainability into a long-term competitive advantage and be future-proof.

Our international network of experts and partners brings deep experience and industry expertise to accompany our clients in every step of their sustainability journey. From decarbonization strategy to social and environmental impacts, we work hand in hand with all stakeholders to tackle climate change and reach net zero while building a net positive future for all.


the Business Community leader:
  • Jessica Ginger (Point B) and Gudrun Ortmann (Eurogroup Consulting France)