Our Islands Banking
& Finance

Banks are facing difficult times in Europe. The crisis has left its mark, as old challenges combine with new ones. The banking sector must adapt to an environment of low interest rates combined with more stringent regulatory pressure. Clients and employees expectations are higher in the context of digitalization (efficient service centers, optimized HR policies). Profitability is a major concern in an increasingly competitive market.

Digitalization and new technologies force players out of their comfort zones. This situation is not a threat but an opportunity for banks to save costs by reorganizing networks and creating synergies around flagship departments or key products.

We are stewarding change for all major banking and financial services’ activities, from traditional retail banking and CIB, to private banking, asset management & securities, as well as leasing products and infrastructure.

The Banking & Finance business community aims to provide clear and practical solutions to clients’ needs in order to face complex issues and ensure excellence performance.


the Business Community leader:
  • Hans-Peter Kuck (Eurogroup Consulting Germany) and Douglas Badham (Curzon Consulting)