Our Islands Energy
& Utilities

The Energy industry is facing a major shift, impacting the overall value chain from the sourcing and production to the transport, distribution and sales. Furthermore, the Energy Transition implies several different issues such as future nuclear technologies, renewable energies, energy efficiency, smart grids and low carbon usages. Governments and firms have to adapt their energy policies and energy mix.

New technologies accelerate the development of new concepts such as smart usages (home/cars/cities) and intelligent networks that are reshaping energy business models.

We have the capacity to bring strong added value as well in interventions with very high stakes with ExCo members as in operational interventions, concerning major and complex projects with directors and operational staff.

The Energy Transition Business community is a place for sharing best practices and sharing experience feedback in the energy sector in order to be able to work closely with customers for projects all around the world. We provide insight to strategy and succeed with the projects for measurable and long-lasting results.


the Business Community leader:
  • Olivier Pagès (Eurogroup Consulting France) and Mariano Amendolaro (Paradigma)