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The digital revolution is significantly disrupting traditional business models. Due to shorter business cycles, customers and employees are becoming more demanding. As a result incumbents are facing increasing competition of rapidly growing and agile startups.

The digital hurdle is not a threat and can be an opportunity to rethink strategy, branding and daily work, which will result in more added value and mobilization.

Through this focus on human transformation, we cover every business sector from energy to transportation, pharmaceuticals and industry 4.0., as well as financial services and retail. With our 15 research centers around the globe, we are proficient in every aspect of modern technologies.

We provide innovation solutions for a wide range of technological needs and capitalize on our citizens’ expertise. Innovative offers to life encompassing various domains and capitalize on the strengths of our citizens and bring the best of our diversity.


the Business Community leader:
  • Félix Humbaire (Eurogroup Consulting France) and Lily ferro (Point B)