Our Islands Automotive
& Mobility

The revolution in the sector has led to many changes regarding the means of transport, from the autonomous car to the electric scooter in free service, people have changed their way of moving and their expectations are constantly evolving.

Beyond transportation, the automotive sector has also changed through globalization, growing regulatory constraints, urban-development challenges and the impacts of the digitization of consumer behaviors. Automotive manufacturers have to pursue their efforts to combine flexibility and innovation to increase efficiency.

We help clients with the running of major projects (from definition and launching phase to the roll out) and in supply-chain management. In transportation we also support public authorities with studies, audits and improvement measures in their public transportation service duties.

Across the Business Community Automotive & Mobility, we share and capitalize on our knowledge to help our clients in their high transformation challenges. We develop studies to tackle global challenges with a local and specific knowledge for future-oriented issues in automotive, rail, airport, motorway or other strategic modes.


the Business Community leader:
  • Jérôme Trochet (Nexe) and Andreas Hoberg