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Innovation Lab

Organizations are evolving in a more complex, uncertain and fast-changing environment than ever before and need to develop a strategic approach to management to overcome current and future challenges.

From flattening the organizations to implementing hybrid work arrangements, from digitalizing business processes to fostering cooperation and commitment, leaders need to apprehend and shape the Future of Work.

As an experimental think-and-do tank, the Managerial Innovation Lab’ anticipates and accompanies its clients through these changes. With our team of international experts, we share knowledge through studies and white papers on hot managerial topics, as well as develop innovative offers.

We aim to help our clients navigate through their transformation journey, from strategy conception to projects’ definition and implementation, with a people-centric approach. Our vision of management is one fostering corporate performance, professional fulfillment and positive contribution to society.


the Business Community leader:
  • Teresa Filipe (Eurogroup Consulting Portugal) and Catherine Guillemette (Eurogroup Consulting France)