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Discover our vision

We will be competing successfully in the top tier of the management consultancy market as a big, broad, strong international network of independent consulting firms, having aggregated all our strengths.

We will be known for maximizing results for clients through local and global expertise:
• Recognized as an attractive, alternative model to traditional global consultancies — differentiated by being more pragmatic, outcomes-focused, people-centred, tailored in approach, and attuned to local client cultures
• Seamlessly collaborating to innovate and deliver the results that matter most to our clients — unlocking value through synergy of worldwide expertise and local market knowledge
• Stronger together — each Citizen's independence strengthened through our global reach, blending world-class teamwork with agile, flexible, personalized service to local clients

Francois Pouzeratte – President

Our network


A new adventure

Our “citizens” are independent  key players in their respective markets, sharing a unique entrepreneurial vision. Trust is the key word they share with their clients through this worldwide citizenship.

Our key assets: vision and culture

  • Collaboration more than only top-down approaches
  • Empowerment more than hierarchy
  • Human more than processes
  • Sustainability more than short-term results

Our citizens

are always eager and motivated to collaborate with their clients to make change happen in a complex world. They work hand in hand with them in a multi-cultural environment through new ways of thinking.


A multi-local consulting network able to help our clients to efficiently implement their transformation processes while paying special attention to multidimensional issues.

Consultants motivated to address multicultural challenges and able to turn them into impacting assets.

Business-focused consultants, active leaders on their local market, culturally aware of both local and global issues by working constantly across borders, with access to various innovation centres and global expertise.

Our positioning

Strategy & Management consulting
Digital & IT
HR & Coaching
We cover a wide range of industries:
  • Aeronautics & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Banking & Finance
  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Digital
  • Energy Transition
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Mobility
  • Natural Resources & Mining
  • Public Sector
  • Telcom & Medias
  • Transport

Our team