General Trends

The healthcare system at large is under increasing pressure for change, seeking a balance between its mission to provide healthcare as a public service and more competitive aspects of the industry.

As a public service, the healthcare system has to ensure the population has access to medication and treatment. Health needs and an increasing demand for wellness are driving both developing and industrialized countries. But these expectations are costly and need to be shared out adequately among companies, states and citizens.

Pharmaceutical companies are facing falling margins by increasing R&D drug costs, the reduction of the number of blockbusters and the strong penetration of generics. Innovative development methods are constantly ameliorating the success rate into the R&D phases but investments remain very significant.

At the other end of the pharmaceutical value chain, standard sales force methods are evolving into a multichannel approach with an increasing influence of the digital culture and communication.

In this highly regulated and competitive industry, mergers & acquisitions in huge industrial conglomerates are becoming the norm and the goals are clear: cut costs and find synergies.

Key value proposition

The healthcare business community is capable of providing clear responses to clients and supporting pharmaceutical companies to solve complicated problems and motivate change in processes that guarantee excellent performance. We offer to:

  • work with top-management in leading healthcare companies to build and deploy strategies on corporate and local level.
  • support our clients in the management of main investments and post-merger integration in a quick and effective way.
  • propose strategic and operative brand marketing, from the launching phase to the post-loss of exclusivity, as well as strategic market access management.
  • enhance the productivity and effectiveness of our clients’ sales force and multichannel operations, working on the human factors.
  • develop strong regulatory framework knowledge and propose fast and effective response to regulatory changes, especially with process reengineering and change management approaches.


The manufacturing and logistics competences are at the heart of our know-how in supply chain process re-engineering, lean approach, supply chain organization, make or buy decisions and logistics network strategy development.

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