General Trends

Energy choices are among the most strategic and sensitive challenges for the development of our societies. Playing a key part in independence of states or climate change, the energy sector deeply influences political decisions and foreign relations. Today, this industry is facing a major shift, impacting the overall value chain from the sourcing and production to the transport, distribution and sales.

The energy transition implies several different issues such as future nuclear technologies, renewable energies, energy efficiency, smart grids, low carbon usages, CO2 emissions or fossil resources scarcity. Governments and firms have to adapt their energy policies and energy mix and optimize both old and new energy production means through specific investments and incentive policies. The scope of decision is becoming more and more global.

The European Union is playing a major on an international level, creating new regulation rules and market designs through liberalization and market opening processes, and standardizing fiscal rules as well as market price definition.

New technologies accelerate the development of new concepts such as smart usages (home/cars/cities …) and intelligent networks that are reshaping energy business models signific

The industry as a whole is entering a new rapid life cycle for technology, governance and business models, allowing new players to redefine the overall energy landscape.

Key Value Proposition

  • build and deploy strategies for our clients at corporate level, helping them to manage main investments.
  • analyze, design, organize and transform processes on key topics (engineering, marketing & sales, real estate, IT systems, HR) to gain effectiveness.
  • mobilize Human Resources to give a new impulse through the human dimension of our clients. We deliver projects with multi-local approaches.
  • design IT organization, processes and sourcing to better support the corporate strategy, delivering more value to core activities.
  • Analyze and develop organizational structures for an optimal support of processes and a successful deployment of

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