General trends

Digitalization has become a key challenge for companies. It is shaking up large corporations and traditional business models. More and more new and disruptive business models are flourishing. Focusing on innovations, new types services, uses and technologies is often essential to stay competitive. New challengers, like start-ups, are coming into play and shake up established structures. Audacity, innovation, collaboration, rapidity and agility – this is what makes these challengers so successful and what large organizations should draw on.

Businesses need to adapt quickly. With digitalization, the pace of change has been increasing exponentially. Agility is the watchword. Organizations have to transform deeply to stay ahead and there is no exception – all the sectors are affected.

Processes and structures have to be reconsidered – not only when it comes to products and services. Both clients and employees aspire for new forms of interaction. The relationship to work and work organization in itself is questioned: by the ability to work differently with digital, by the longing for entrepreneurial development rather than wage labor, by the increase of more open work organizations. The development of underlying infrastructures is a central challenge and everything is impacted: skills and human assets, financing, profound technological infrastructures, data infrastructures...

Although this is a big challenge, businesses should consider this a real opportunity, for digital opens the gate to new possibilities.

Key value proposition

Our key value proposition is to achieve digital transformation with agility.

We accelerate digital businesses:

  • Innovative business models: We help our clients define modernized digital strategies by mobilizing innovative ecosystems
  • Service design: We design desirable user experiences and digital services
  • Quantitative intelligence: We integrate quantitative approaches, big data analysis and artificial intelligence

We help our clients shape their transformation in the digital area:

  • Digital shift: We transform businesses, organisations, collaboration models and competencies to have a better impact in the digital area
  • Digital factories: We set up digital departments, technological architectures and agile methods to make the digital transition possible
  • The art of mobilization: We mobilize all the stakeholders around digital transformations and drive change with digital tools

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