Banking & Finance

General trends
  • Banks are facing difficult times in Europe. The crisis has struck hard and old and new challenges are not likely to recede in the next couple of years. Besides major regulatory pressure, clients’ and employees’ behaviours have markedly changed, particularly in the face of digitalisation. The fight for profitability is already in full swing and is bound to get fiercer
  • Banks are advised to engage their employees, uniting them to face together the tremendous task of controlling revenues and costs in the future. A mobilised workforce is needed to take up the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation, industrialisation, pricing, IT complexity and new markets.
  • Digitalisation is inexorably progressing into the banking market and banks must shake off their digital paralysis. Its also offers a chance to significantly save costs by reorganising the branch network, e.g. by setting up flagship branches or coupling existing ones with other businesses.
  • The rigid and oversized IT landscapes of many a bank can turn into another cost saver through careful management of the existing complexity.
  • Pricing, too, has to be reconsidered. Clients’ willingness to pay for everyday services and the desire for more transparency calls for innovative pricing models, e.g. clearly linked to the client’s profile.

Key Value Propositions

  • Sales mobilization
  • Industrialization
  • IT strategy & complexity management
  • Digitalization
  • New business models

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