General Trends

The Automotive sector is about to enter a new area, in an increasingly connected world where the expectations of clients change ten times as fast as a car’s conception. The environmental impact is the first trigger of the automobile industry transformation. Reducing CO2 emissions entails new propulsion concepts (mainly based on electricity), effective vehicles production or innovative infrastructure development.

Under the new mobility wave, cultural and social upheavals are transforming the status of a car and its utility. An overall mobility concept encompasses all the means of transportation and more importantly, the connections between them. Supported by the Internet, news possibilities are merging: with intelligent vehicles, assisting or even replacing the driver is becoming a reality thus enhancing the complexity of a car.

For car manufacturers, these challenges imply a broadening of their competences and a specialization in various fields. To adapt their communication and distribution channels to changing customers’ mindsets, OEMs have to create new models to interact with the client, collect its experiences and also be present online with new brand positioning and marketing approaches.

The international developments are also to be taken into account in order to better understand the customer and improve the overall manufacturing footprint.

Key value proposition


  • Change management
  • 3 clusters in the automotive value chain
  • People development
  • Project & process  management
  • Process analysis & design


  • Standardization, complexity reduction
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and environment
  • Alternative powertrain technology
  • Cycle time reduction processes
  • Collaborative engineering in development
  • Technology testing


  • Lean management
  • Supplier performance management
  • Quality  & costs management
  • Operational excellence
  • Management Systems
  • Global manufacturing strategy and footprint


  • Customer experience & journey
  • Quality of service
  • Operational excellence
  • Management performance
  • Network development
  • Event management
  • Rollout management
  • Multichannel distribution processes

Business Centres

Banking & Finance



Public Sector