Our Streams Carbon Capture,
& Storage

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) encompasses methods and technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. It is currently a hot topic as it can participate in reducing the cumulative amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and limit the detrimental environmental impacts of climate change.

Sovereign funds are disengaging from fossil fuels. This switch entails on the one hand financial risks for traditional polluting businesses, but on the other hand opportunities for those who succeed in seizing the turning point and propose green bonds. In addition, green products are becoming an option for competitive differentiation as well as a promising and profitable pocket of growth. ​

If the use of CO2 storage technologies and other carbon management strategies will raise the cost of energy, companies still have interest in addressing these issues as soon as possible to mitigate their risk on carbon price and other incoming taxation.

Our key clients are cement and steel companies, as well oil and gas and chemical industries. We also support local and regional authorities on the creation of industrial ecosystems for decarbonation.

In addition to addressing the technical aspects of CCUS, it is also critical to address the societal and economic costs of decarbonization. This is why global and comprehensive offer is needed to tackle this global issue. Also, the strength of Nextcontinent’s Network enables us to propose methods to meet regulatory pressure and CSR / ESG criteria at a global scale.


the Business Community leader:
  • Sébastien Kahn