General Trends

The transportation sector is strongly dependent on global economic trends across various sectors such as freight or passenger transport (sea, air, rail or road).

Among these trends, the global economy with its local specificities deeply impacts the evolution of the different modes of transportation. In that respect the new world order overturns trade ports ranking and challenges the organization of each of them. Maritime and air freight routes are also affected by geopolitical and economic situations.

Beyond key data such as oil price, cost and profitability, other long term drivers have to be encompassed such as new technologies and infrastructure development. The transportation sector has always been considered as environmentally damaging but new ecological policies and CO2 emissions regulations are changing this perception. Developing sustainable and environmental-friendly transport modes is now crucial. The people-friendliness of transports is also essential, renewing the customer experience with digital innovations and soften the multiple transformations of the sector for the employees.

The last point concerning the overall transportation sector is inter-modality infrastructures. Enhancing the synergies between the different modes of transportation, for both freight and passenger traffic, gives us hope for more efficient and environmental-friendly way to use them.

Key value proposition

  • We help our clients with the running of major projects: from launching phase to the roll out, throughout strategic diagnosis and planning, benchmark, improvement management.
  • We improve along with our clients from general and industrial vision until organization and processes of main transportation infrastructure actors like ports, airports, railway network or train stations.
  • We support public authorities with studies, audits and improvement measures in their public transportation service duties (national railway companies, city-focused operators).
  • We also apply our know-how in the supply-chain management of our clients, optimizing process interfaces, assessing the organization and enhancing the quality of the supply and achieving operational excellence.
  • Across our European community, we develop studies to tackle global challenges with a local and specific knowledge for future-oriented issues in rail, airport, motorway or other European strategic modes.

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