Public Sector

General Trends

The public sector and public services at large are under a tremendous pressure all over the world. International agencies such as national and local administrations are becoming more and more competitive and public-oriented. After years of continuity, dramatic disruptions are the new norm. Despite strong national specificities and local challenges for each government and agency, main trends now appear at a global level. Demographic changes urge public services to be redesigned, optimized and transformed. Also, expectations from every kind of stakeholders, citizens as well as companies and cities are rapidly changing and require more transparency on decision-making processes. 

On the other hand, economic index have to become more and more stable and reliable. Governments have to ensure their fiscal and financial sustainability. In that respect, they gradually improve efficiency of operations and budgets, with huge investments in information systems. New challenges appear such as national and worldwide competition for talents and lowest rates to finance national debts.

As they are responsible for geostrategic stability, crisis resolutions and wars, international and national agencies have to develop the proper and modern infrastructures with increasing budgets. In this new world, digital is a key and enhances the possibilities of economic intelligence.

As a key global issue, the global climate change challenge needs not only a local but a real and strong international answer to protect our way of living together.

Key value proposition

  • define and deploy sustainable public strategies and mobilize all stakeholders

  • analyze the feasibility of key infrastructure projects and plan the restructuration.

  • improve skills with large training definition and roll out, personal coaching and Human Resources Systems adaptation

  • transform and modernize, hand in hand with our clients, public institutions, ministries and national agencies. The modernization process entails public policies design and assessment, functional and organizational transformations, simplification programs.

  • support also the broadening of IT services into the public sector. From ministry and agencies program to global e-votes projects, we ensure the overall implementation of such services.

Our community acts but also thinks. Through its Think Tank, key topics are debated to bring a clearer future-oriented view to our clients.


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